About Us

We operate Digital Loan, banking services, Advisory & Facilitation Platform for the Bharat.

Prime Loan is a digital loan facilitation platform for the not so digitally savvy consumer segment. The platform enables advising via assisted digital model and providing loan products from over 40 Financial Institution partners to India’s sizeable borrowing consumer segment.

We are providing loan facilitation and step wise credit guidance services to borrowers.

Prime Loan has a wide lending partner network (40+ Institutions) comprising renowned public sector institutions who provide loans only to the formal segment, private sector banks and NBFCs to new age digital lenders. Together, our partner’s products cover a wide range of borrower customer profiles.

We specialise in providing advisory service on their products based on the product know how shared with us. Their loan product policies are configured in our system and our system suggests the best Financial Institution to go with by matching the customers profile with FI’s products and policies.

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